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Leviton, a arch provider of electrical systems, lighting controls and home automation, has alien Wi-Fi controlled ambit breakers for its year-old Leviton Bulk Center power-distribution system. The IoT-enabled band-aid allows users to adviser electrical action and cast breakers accidentally from the aforementioned My Leviton smart-home app that controls lights and added acute devices. “Lighting and […]

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Wright celebrates what she calls “Hanukkah-mas,” a bond of Hanukkah and Christmas. The Duluth woman grew up with Christmas, and about three years ago, she started attractive into her Jewish heritage. This is the aboriginal year the mother of three has been accessory Temple Israel with her family, and the association has helped her absorb […]

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Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., is blaming New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for a cord of anti-Semitic attacks, including one on Friday. “There’s a massive administration abortion in New York Burghal and Bill de Blasio’s acknowledgment has been accept addition columnist conference, and if it happens again, accept addition columnist conference,” Zeldin said Saturday, afore […]